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بنر درباره ما

Metal Waterstop

Description :

Metal water stop consists of galvanized sheet steel available in 120 mm and 150 mm widths and a thickness of approximately 0.6 mm, with one-sided or double-sided special coating. The special coating is covered by a protective film tape divided in the middle. Metal water stop is available in different versions: in 25 m long rolls and in 2.1 m straight lengths.

Usage :

  • Use of the metal water stop is approved for sealing of construction joints
  • in-situ walls at wall-base sections without permanent edging formwork
  • wall-slab sections
  • base-base sections

Features and benefits :

  • Sheet steel material: St 37 galvanized
  • Metal water stop height: 120 mm or 150 mm
  • Metal water stop thickness: 0.6 mm
  • Metal water stop length: 25 m or 2.1 m
  • Special coating material: Elastomer synthetical
  • Thickness of special coating: Approx. 0.2 mm (one-sided or double-sided)
  • Color of special coating: black
  • Thermal stability: - 30°C up to + 80°C
  • Working temperature: + 5°C up to + 40°C

How to use :

When installing metal water stop with one-sided coating, turn coating to the water retaining side. Depending on the version of used, the metal water stop is installed (attached) to the upper reinforcement layer either by using a fixing angle or specific mounting clips. Remove the protective film tape of the required half of the metal water stop shortly prior to concreting only. The recommended depth of immersion of the metal water stop in the fresh concrete is at least 3 cm up to the half width of the metal water stop (refer to fixing instructions).